24 January 2012

Valentine gift ideas | film lovers

I originally planned to start the Valentines' love February first, but I remembered the perfect perfect idea for film lovers that I came across too late last valentines. It would probably be best to plan it months ahead of time, but we can make it work.
Photojojo sent out 5 Ways to Share Your Love with Photos last year. Number one, and my favorite, on the list was "The secret photo valentine".
 image from photojojo
The idea is to take a roll of film and snap photos for your Valentine. Things like significant places (first dates, hang out spots), love notes (new or old), Things that bring find memories, anything you can think of. Then you decorate your little roll of film and deliver it on the big day. (You may include the developing fee, or then it's not much of a gift?) 
I plan to take photos of notes, movie tickets, too many places that we veg out at in the car, things we love that would silently remind us of each other, Stuff like that. Luckily Jeffrey doesn't read the blog much, so he wont catch on. I'll update with more ideas as the snappin comes along, just in case you run out of ideas (just in case I do, post ideas below?) 
I also have been thinking about doing this will my Polaroid. Instant is a little more satisfying (and safe, when you don't have very much film experience like me) 
 Stay tuned!

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