23 February 2012

Glitter your shoes DIY

Didn't think a DIY was comin this month, huh? The lack of them have made me sad. I have all of these ideas but I am unprepared for everything. Or lazy. Something. Tonight I buckled down and used every minute of my after school free time wisely. Here is the product.
I've seen many glitter shoe techniques lately, but this one from Groom Sold Separately seemed most promising. Instead of applying the glue and then glittering over it, with this tutorial, you mix the glitter and Mod Podge together. This makes for extra stick-able glitter that doesn't fall off as easily. Genius!

- Mod Podge
- Paint Brush small or large enough to glitter your surface
- Sand paper
- FINE glitter (not your kids crafts glitter)
- Make-up brush (to brush the rest off)
- Bowl

1\\ Sand the area of your shoes you are glittering until it looks a little scuffed up. This is important with the Patent leather shoes, (shiny) but with mine here, it wasn't a big deal.
2\\ Pour you glitter in your bowl first, then add the mod podge. It's something you have to mess around with, but you want a fairly glittered, pasty mixture. Mine is a little dry here. This WILL NOT work with the 'kids' craft glitter, go tiny tiny!
3\\ Get a good amount of glitter/podge on your brush and go to town, REMEMBER: a little goes a long way. SPread it out as far as it can go before getting more to avoid clumps. Also, I found it easier to paint the edges more sharp if I wetted my brush a bit.
4\\ I though this in myself, but use some sort of brush to dust of the excess once your shoes are DRY. This shows you if you need to touch up anywhere rather than waiting for it to fall off later.

Of course, wearing them with dust some glitter off. A little here and there, nothing to bad. If you don't want to have to touch up maybe at some clear paint? A layer of mod podge + water over it?
Happy almost Friday you guys!!


  1. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog!

    Love these shoes, I need to find a pair to do this to. :)



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