05 March 2012

polaroid weekends

 1\ Cevin and Thomas. This is a double exposure and it's comical because these two hate each other. Okay. maybe that's only funny to my family.
2\ Let my flowers float on into the pond, they were dying and stinkin up the place, but they had a good run!
3\ Bryce, Lelan and I took a walk. This blurry photo has quickly become one of my favorites.
4\\ Lelan running ahead, with Thomas and Buddy in front of him. 

Haven't seen one of these in a few weeks? I don't know what got into me. This extends to Thursday also, weekend enough for me. My weekend was quiet and relaxing. How was yours?


  1. Hi! Thank you! Check every thrift store around you! I see them all the time.

  2. Hi! love your polaroids! i wish I wish I have one...

  3. i like the second photo ...a lot ;)

  4. Hey, thank you, that's what I was going for!

  5. Love, love, LOVE the second photo. How dreamy!


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