17 April 2012

I cat believe it, you're kitten me!

Hey guys! You may have already noticed a little but for the next few weeks I'm going to be rushing around crazy busy. It's set painting time again! And Prom is in two weeks, I am that girl who's still unprepared. Two projects due, some favors, bow tie making, working. Just a ton of stuff that all has to be done by Prom (28th) I'm terrible at managing my time, but I'm trying to stop in here as often as possible (because here is my favorite place to talk to all of yous)
 I thought I'd soften you up with this photo of a kitten. She's the only little baby in my psycho cats new litter. I'm going to take her in when she's big enough. Maybe find her a home... but probably not. I'm not a kitten hoarder I promise! I just think Herm needs a friend, don't you?
Hope you guys are having smiley days!


  1. That is adorable.

    Did you just change your blog design? Sorry if it's been like this for awhile and I didn't notice, but it looks new and i really like it.

    1. Thank you! I changed it not long before you commented, so you weren't missing anything! It was a little like spring cleaning around here.


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