16 April 2012

photo week

old homes
cofee pot
rat trap
Untitled Little bits and pieces from my week/weekend. Lelan was here and that always makes everything better, even though the chaos kept me from being home much, we squeezed in time. A lot of these trinkets are in Jeffrey's Garage. We've been hanging out in there now that the weather has warmed up. And you also get a peek at my newly found plant love.
The last picture is my camera on silhouette mode, high iso. I love what this combo did, and I hope I snap a few more gems like it. Oh! You might have noticed things looking a little different around here. I spent yesterday snazzin it up. I really like it, what do you guys think? The print was taken from my favorite scarf. Just as I change my room frequently, I change my blog as well. Bear with me!
Happy Monday, Folks.

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