22 April 2012

Iced coffee + ice cream

I don't think this counts as a recipe, but I couldn't resist sharing. It's just... so good. If you've been following me on twitter, you may have caught on to my slight obsession with The International Delight Iced Coffee. Any flavor, dericious. I've been drinking it daily, and my mom is actually keeping it in the fridge. It's become something like milk. Step one: Go get some!
Then, get yourself a bowl of vanilla ice cream. Add only a couple spoonfuls (or splashes right out of the carton) and stir. And taste the chocolate vanilla caramel coffee goodness.

That is all. Best couple ever.


  1. good idea! I just bought some of this iced coffee and it is really good.

    1. It's the best! and saves a little cash money.


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