20 April 2012

No Poo!

You've heard of this right? And you know I'm not talking about number 2? Instead, I'm talking about the No Shampoo Movement. I've known about the harm of shampoos for a while now, I just did nothing about it because I couldn't stand the thought of 'no lather'. Also how it's not healthy to wash everyday. I couldn't imagine that at all, I'm an oily mess.

It wasn't until I got my hair dyed last week that I realized more washes = less dye time. So I started stopped washing my hair for a few days. (This only started Sunday night) This progressed into me researching all kinds of hair health once I realized throwing my hair up for a few days isn't so bad. That's when I found the no poo method using baking soda + water for Shampoo and Apple Cider Vinegar + water for conditioner. Last night was the first night I tried this, after a few days of unwashed/unconditioned hair. Honest, my hair feels wonderful. It felt so clean! Of course I didn't think these basic kitchen ingredients could stand a chance next to what I'm use to. The shine and the softness might be the most surprising, Again I'm struck with the feeling that our modern world is so uninformed that we don't realize that we are the ones doing harm, and stepping away from all of the commercials, rituals, and traditions can even help us. So here I am, recommending this to all of you! Give it a try maybe? Fight the shampoo!

From what I've read, it only gets better from here. For most, after their first no-poo wash, there isn't much change. For some it even gets oilier. I think not washing for a few days made that difference for me, so don't get discouraged if there isn't immediate change! Also, it depends on your ratio. Different lengths get different amounts of baking soda/vinegar. You just have to play around.
I am ordering all natural Shampoo bars, from Chagrin Valley. (Café Moreno) They're pretty cheap & it's likely they will last a while with every-third-day washings. I'm unsure if these will be better/just as good as the baking soda, so I'm going to try it out for myself. I've only read good things, but I'll post progress with that later. I'll be sticking with baking soda for the next week or so.
This is just a brief little summary of everything I'd like to say. Here are a few links to learn more if you're interested.
- one
- two
- three
Happy Friday guys!


  1. This is interesting I might have to try it!

    I used to wash my hair everyday until I had my hair dyed red a few months ago. I decided I wanted to keep my red as long as possible and it was time to stop blow drying and flat ironing everyday and get my hair healthy!
    My hair gets veryyy oily! I started using dry shampoo on the days I dont wash. When I do wash it I bought a no lather all natural shampoo, which was weird as first but grew on me. It leaves my hair so soft and clean.

    1. Same story different hair color! My hair would turn into a stringy mop on day two of not washing. I still rinse every night, and now it's getting better. I washed Thursday night and not washing again until... Sunday night.
      All natural can do the trick too! I tried, but at that time I wasn't use to 'no lather', so I didn't put much dedication into the routine.
      Let me know how things work for you!


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