03 April 2012

A quick nail inspiration

I'm not usually one to post manicure ideas. This is mostly because I fail at painting my nails. Every. Time. I always have to touch something, or a hair falls on the wet polish, and there's almost always a giant mess including polish remover and cotton balls stuck to a fresh coat... but this. Trust me on this. If this sounds like you, this is a polish you can master. If your a pro (lucky!) I think these are pretty cute anyhow, and quick for those I-want-cute-nails-but-I-only-have-20-minutes occasions. While I'm still doing introductions, I want to draw your attention to this lovely lady, who has inspired me to start doing fun things with my nails. Check her out.

Choose any nail color(s) you want. I chose five different colors here.

Before I give you the few simple steps, it's probably important to explain what your about to do. The thing that makes this easy for my clumsy, inpatient self is the fact that there is no bottom coat. So that means, no waiting forever for your nails to be dry if your short on time. This way it's easy to paint, and touch up through long wears.

\\ Cut yourself 10 strips of tape. You can use scotch tape.. I only had painter's tape around, and it worked perfectly.
\\ Line the tape up so you will be painting the entire white of your nail, angled downwards. It is a little more than half, or half on smaller nails.
\\ Double check your tape so you have a clean line. Paint two coats. You can wait for your nails to dry, or you can take them off carefully after your second coat. I like to take them off right afterwards pulling the tape towards the paint.
\\ Clear coat!
Also, you can make both hands slanting the same way, or do opposites like I did here. Or just play around with this idea until you have the patience to let your nails dry?
Send me photos if you do! I'm always looking for cute things to do to my nails.


  1. I love this! Will be definitely trying this out, thanks :)
    I'm one of those people who ends up taking all the polish off in frustration when I smudge a bit! Fingers crossed I can master this. x

    1. I do the same thing. There is always a smudge. You can do it!


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