04 April 2012

Robert Frost Poetry: Journal making

This year I promised myself I'd make more with my hands. Even when all I have is scrap papers, some ribbon, and a paper bag. Then fate happened and I got an English project that forced me into it. You might have caught a glimpse of it in this post.
 I didn't realize how much I miss making these little 'scrapbooks'. Each page is a blank canvas ready for me to glue all over it, and it's so exciting. Everything I used here is 'recycled'. Honestly, I didn't even plan the recycled bag, it worked out well.
 I had to take pictures to illustrate the poems, so that was fun on a whole other level. (Obviously these small things over-excite me)
If your interested in the poems, here they are:
-Two Look at Two
-Nothing Gold Can Stay
-A Prayer in Spring
Happy Wednesday to you all, It's my Friday so you may notice a slightly excited me. 


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