21 May 2012

Three day getaway

Things have been pretty lazy around here. Well, that is, between graduation, graduation parties, and trip plannin. Summer is finally here, and my lady friends and I are kickin it off the right way. We'll be down at the lake until Wednesday, so I wont be around here until then. It's going to be a blast! I'm still packing a planning as I type this.
We had first planned to rent a little bungalow for a couple nights, but who knew you actually had to plan trips months in advance? (Yes. sarcasm) Instead we'll be spending our few days at Tan-Tar-A. Hiking through Ha Ha Tonka, dancin, swimmin. Everything we can squeeze into this three day trip.
As for the photo of Celeste up top, I thought I'd share her pretty lace hair do. I pinned this from Skunkboy a couple of years ago and my hair was always too long to try. Along comes Celeste with the perfect texture and length of hair. Check out the tutorial over here.
See you guys in a couple days with lots of stories + photos!

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