20 June 2012

Summer Goals

Summer officially starts today, so what better day to share my summer goals list? I've already been out of school for a month. It's gone by fast, of course, and now it's time to get the ball rolling.. I'm afraid there is no point in time-even when summer is over- that I will stop adding to this. So I'll probably pop in and update it every once in a while. That cool witchu?

• Camp out anywhere with Eagle Scout Jeff
• Rent that bungalow at the lake!
• Draw more
• Photograph- really photograph people to practice my skills
• Read The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
• Interview all(at least 1)of my grandmas
• Have many star watching camp-outs
• Start selling on big cartel or etsy
• Drag Jeff to the lake to feel the water on his toes
• Learn- and finally alter all of those thrifted dresses I've collected
• Sew a quilt!!
• Get my friends together for Drive In dates
•  sigh... get an iphone in my possession so phone photography is possible
• Try avocados until I like them
• Cook more
• Friendly get togethers in the garage
• Make breakfast once a week, invite others to enjoy
• Tent party!
• Lay in bed and watch all of your favorite movies over and over
• Write and write and write some more
• Make new friends
• Drag Celeste to more shows
• Keep in mind everyday that this is my last summer before I have to start thinking about college
• Go to the zoo

So that's it for now. I already have one crossed off, that's a start. Come help me cross these off! I mean really, come do these things with me. Things are more fun with more people.

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  1. Nice plans, Bailey! I hope you have an amazing summer!


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