02 July 2012


Welcoming July & appreciating June in a small way. I've been meaning to try this out for a while now, my laziness may have gotten the best of me. Or busyness actually, before I undermine my workin'. This month is the month I start, so get ready for ramblin.

•This month The Lumineers came into my life with this song. I got their album last week, but you know.
•Fiona Apple's The Idler Wheel.. came out and is in my ears in its entirety at least once a day.
•& I can't fail to mention Tech N9ne has been bumpin for two weeks now. shm.

Happy times
•Lelan got to spend a day with Thomas the train (and I got to spend time with him. always happy)
•I bought an iphone! That's happy right? Perhaps the happier part is taking more everyday photos with my phone.
•I loved taking Celeste's photos. It let me know where I was at in the photographing people department.
•Kody came back for the longest period of time that he has in months.
•My aunt Tippy & cousins moved back from Virginia! I'm so excited to see them all the time again.
• Jeffrey and I kicked off June with the first picnic of summer. It's been 100° & up nearly all of June so we haven't enjoyed any more. We still squeezed in plenty of friz.
•I finally designed a shop. Now onto the meat & potatoes- actually putting items in it.
•Celeste and I started a weekly breakfast tradition. This forces me to try a recipe a week.
•Finished my third set of Celeste Photos.
•Designed a couple of websites! (sooon)
•I made dinner- my first thrown together recipe.
•I woke up most days before ten. Nine, even. Loving that morning time.
•Drawing & designing in my free time.
A big part of why I wanted to start these is to have a place to share the blogs I find each month. I don't have many blogging friends so sharing them with blog readers is my commenting on your wall excitedly telling you to CHECK THIS OUT.

•I love how I can read this blog(dishguts) and feel like I know Meghan + these DIY D&G sunnies are genius.
•She had me at her blog design, but her thrift finds and her adorable daughter Harper sealed the deal.(Harper's Happenings)
•I think Kelly Elizabeth commented on a post of mine, which led me to her wonderful blog. (Thank you for that!) I followed as soon as I saw Harry, ron, and hermoine on the first page. & those Fridays Letters are relatebly funny.

Next Month, I will blog more and count the days less. My land camera + film will be brought out frequently and my photos wont be limited by the amount of pictures left in a pack. I'll do more to get the things that I want accomplished. Visits will be made to my aunts and grandmas. I will be honest.

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