29 June 2012

This week instead

I didn't much feel like week loves today. This week has disappeared so incredibly fast, I don't even remember what happened. Okay I do, but in a fast forward snippets kind of way. It had some wonderful parts, but nothing like I usually share. (No pictures, anyways) So let's make this a casual, typed, things that happened and things that were wonderful this week.

I found out the hard way that sushi is not really my thing. Or at least what I ate of it wasn't. I wouldn't say I'm completely plain when it comes to eating. I like things beyond hamburgers & chicken. But this fishy slimy raw texture doesn't settle with me well. I'll admit I didn't completely digest the yellowtail, it might have just touched my tongue and immediately dropped back to the plate. (classy) & the shrimp wasn't bad but it's not something I'd crave.. and the Tokyo roll wasn't bad either, but what could be bad with cream cheese? But that Dragon roll. That was awful. I have a problem with fitting a ton of food in my mouth at once, chewing, and swallowing all in the same breath. Topped with Eel, this was my worst nightmare. I wont go on record saying I'll never have it again, I'm sure there are other things to try, and I'm willing.
On that same day we went all over Independence buying things here and there. I found an easel for $5, which was a fantastic start to the day. Then a trip to best buy landed me with The Lumineers new album, from Kody. Which brings me to my second awesome part of this week. We've been going non stop since Kody has been back, and I'm having tons of fun. We've been doing anything and everything that comes to mind to pass the time. He leaves after the fourth and the slowed pace is going to get me. (and maybe I'll miss the guy)
I also got the new Fiona Apple album, it's fantastic. I lastly!: My celestial dress finally came in the mail! Now to plan another sushi outing(blaah) to wear it as planned.
These are the wonderful things of my week! How has yours been?

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