27 June 2012

hey.. I was eating breakfast

For three days. yup. I just couldn't get to my computer. Those days also involved a friend coming back to town to visit! Kody. He's actually still here and today we're out and about having more adventures. I've spent literally everyday since my last post with Jeffrey & him. And all we do.. is eat. Eat in the basement, eat with Melissa & Jesse, eat breakfast (at Jeff's greasy diner), eat leftovers. On top of walmart trips & video games & laughing & t-shirt making. Man we've been busy. This was yesterdays meal, I come camera in tow. We also hang out with a lot of dogs. Meet Nola Bean and Molly.
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That wasn't even all of our breakfast, we had candied bacon also. (yummmmm) So I hope this delicious post has made up for my absence. It has? well good.

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