27 August 2012

Le tattoo

Finally healed and ready to be photographed. I've been patiently waiting, it's hard to enjoy something that you never see. I find myself backwards in mirrors several times a day just to get a glimpse of it. I love it! I am completely and whole-heartedly smitten. If you're near Kansas City and tattoo craving, Roman from Timeless did a fantastic job. One hundred times recommended.Untitled Now onto my tiny rant because every post has one of those. Now that a tattoo has found its way on my body, everyone with a mouth became an expert on What you should and shouldn't put on your body. Everything from You should add... to That looks like shit. And I feel like there is a chorus of tattooed folk saying "Welcome to the world". I don't mind opinions, and the criticism doesn't bother me, but when did people get the nerve to think their opinion matters on a topic that has nothing to do with them? I've had people confront me with reasons why I should get the camera colored, which is tolerable until I hear it several times a week. I feel like I'm yelling, ignore that. My tongue gets sharper in frustrating situations. I'm not turning this tattoo revealing into an angry post, I'm not angry at all. :) Smiley face proves it.
That being said, who knows what I'll add to it in the future. Maybe nothing at all, although I have ideas. I blame that on my immediate desire for another. 

The top photo and the left are courtesy of Melissa. The photo on the right is immediately after the bandages were removed.


  1. that has got to be the single best tattoo ever.

  2. oh my goodness, that is just a beautiful tattoo right there. I think I'm too much of a baby and indecisive to get something permanent on my body, but I think that this is just beautiful!


  3. that is gorgeous!!! awesome work and it looks amazing!

    kelly elizabeth


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