22 August 2012

miss you, camera

I promise I have a life outside of cats. It's just that lately the only digital photos I'm snappin are of them. You understand, right? and you're completely okay with staring at adorable kittens? okay.
Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled These groupings keep getting more and more random. I feel weird not having many photos to share, my camera is sad. However I do think that all of your cats should come to me to get their pictures taken. Would you look at those senior photo quality snaps. They would be pleased with the outcome, I'm sure. That large stack of thick books + Lord of the flies is what I've been sifting through lately. Toes dipped in all of them, I need to get to reading. That tragic broken deer turned out to be one of my favorite snaps. But damn my clumsiness! you will be missed.

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