03 August 2012

maxi skirt, over heating, and a busy weekend

This started as an outfit/ look I successfully made another piece of wearable clothing post. Then I got bored with the idea and decided that maybe a brief conversation was better. I will go ahead and explain how I made the most awesome and easiest maxi skirt out of this awesome material from Melissa. I mean easy. You can do it, so do it over here. See those loud prints? I love them together. My mom disagrees of course but maybe this photo will change her mind. No I don't no where my other leg is and I also don't know what pose I was going for. Good combination, I guess.
Yesterday, this outfit may have been the only smiley part of my day. I took a trip to the kcmo and ended up stranded in the middle of traffic. Car over heating and shutting down and all, it was a bit scary. I'm just thankful it happened at a stop light rather than I-70 or something. She's in the shop again. I wont be around to hear her diagnoses, but hopefully she will be fixed. Tomorrow I'm heading down to a float trip, then up super early Sunday morning to head back to go to the water park. Super early, five o'clock. So a jam packed weekend it will be, but I hope I let myself enjoy every second of it.
Addressing the fact that I haven't been posting. Sort of. I've already sort of explained I wasn't going to worry about keeping up so often. You see, my summer is coming to an end and I like to pretend that it isn't. If I write a post everyday and see that date, I will melt to a puddle on the ground. Not a good melt. For this reason I decided not to do a July in review post. I didn't really have much to review... Or I suppose not enough for a post. Now I'll be back to school and I promise you'll never hear me say "I'm so busy I can't find time to post". Mostly because I'm just not going to explain that all the time. By now we all know I have terrible time management skills, we don't need to discuss it all the time. Just bear with me and cheer me on as I figure it out?
I hope everyone has a wonderfully awesome SAFE weekend.

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  1. Love that skirt Bailey! This outfit just screams "fun!"



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