24 July 2012

Thrifted dress makeover

Something to check off of that summer goals list, finally! My boredom forced me to my sewing machine a couple of days ago. I grabbed this dress out of my closet and reassured myself that it was okay to experiment with because it was only $2. Luckily that was enough for me and I got to work.
I went into it blindly. When I read the How to alter a dress articles online I always get discouraged and shove my machine back into it's case. I have practically no sewing knowledge, especially clothes. I've made many square pillows to be proud of! But a dress that would actually fit with out a catch seemed out of reach. This dress was a learning experience and I'll be the first to say it's far from perfect. There are uneven seams and a back that wont lay flat. But it fits, and I wouldn't feel like a goof wearing it in public. So it's a good start.
DSC_4836 Untitled
It's safe to say I jumped the gun on my first ever dress. Pleats & an open back were causing me headaches from start to finish. I don't know what accordion pleats are, or box pleats. Honeycomb, rolled, Watteau pleats. After a little research I've realized I did a basic knife pleat. I ran into problem after problem but I made up solutions so this pretty dress wouldn't be thrown into the trash. I finally had to decide I was okay with the back not laying perfectly flat and so what if that pleat is obviously larger than the rest. From a distance or close up with one eye closed you can't even tell. DSC_4831
I can't help but feel a little awesome now that I've finally tackled a project I've put off for so long. Here my dress hangs with the rest, looking perfectly at home. AND IT IS AWESOME. Now I wont feel so bad when I buy(& buy & buy) dresses that need a little tlc. Moral of the story: Buy that too big, gorgeous patterned dress at the thrift store and don't be afraid to tear it up. You might tear it into something wearable and feel awesome for the day. week.


  1. the dress is awesome and looks wonderful on you, i think you did a great job!!!!!!!!

  2. You did such a great job girlie!! :) This is absolutely adorable.


  3. It looks amazing! I love the pattern, and you've done an awesome job of making a blah-ish dress into a more foxy-ish dress!

  4. SO CUTE. The back is adorable.

  5. Amazing! That dress is so pretty. I love the neckline.
    Well done.

  6. great job!! the new re-made dress looks more summer-ish :)


  7. I'm so glad you rescued this dress, the print is so beautiful and you did an amazing job, I'm so impressed (I have no sewing skills whatsoever at the moment but I'm aiming to learn) xo

  8. Thank you Thank you to everyone. You guys are the sweetest!

  9. Ahh it looks great! You're gorgeous.

    btw lovely ring, too <3


  10. no one but you will ever notice the little imperfections because they will be too mind blown by how stunning you look in this! you did great keep it up!


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