25 February 2013

beetles hop!

Exciting news everyone- I fought myself until this finally happened. I opened an Etsy shop! I've been dreaming of a online shop home and I finally kicked myself into gear to make one. What better time than now, I said. I'm graduating, I'm moving to Kansas City, and I'm po po. My wish is that this shop can give me a hand with that last part.
(Click the pic)

So the plan- for now- is to sell thrift finds. Clothing, bags, junk, you name it. But I'm not trying to put a label on this space (no "vintage shop"). I want to keep it open. I have future plans that need to be formulated a little better for some handmade greatness + maybe more? Honestly I'm still brainstorming, but I do know I want to expand. sometime. soon. spring?

But for now keep checking in for the best thrifts I can possibly find. I'm going to do my very best at updating frequently (I guess I'll just have to thrift all the time. unfair). Tell yo friends! Tell yo family!
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