26 February 2013

snow day


Currently on snow day three and I have a fourth tomorrow! I felt obligated to put that exclamation point because who doesn't love a risk-free day off? This spoiled rotten girl who has Mondays off and will now have to attend school for FOUR Mondays to make them up. Five day weeks are the worst. (I know this sounds awful, let it!) lots and lots of snow and lots of time to pass. And so I decided to make this video.

Gasp. A video! Those of you who know me personally may have seen my magnificent music videos in middle school. Dancing and lip syncing. It was really something. After running frantically away and burring all of that (I now feel silly for it) I dug it back up. But in a different way and in a way that I've been admiring since. I'm rusty. Or rather, I have no idea what I'm doing. This way doesn't have a map. So I'm hoping for some feedback to head in the right direction. Help a sista out.


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  1. Love this. I giggled out loud when you were snipping your plant leaf by leaf :D


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