18 March 2013

a little bit of lately

I enjoyed some nephew jeff bonding time last (last) weekend, but mostly I enjoyed watching the Jeff/Lelan bonding time.

I've started this "only 2 burgers a month" thing because lately burgers are all that I crave. Seriously, I don't know what it is. I've never been that big of a fan but when I think of a buttered bun hugging a patty, grilled onions, lettuce, special sauce. cheeese, and sometimes bacon, I cannot control myself. It's just not healthy to cut everything unhealthy out. (the motto)
On that note I want to direct your attention to my breakfast if you love oatmeal: Rachael Ray's maple brown sugar oatmeal is da'bomb, add banana, sprinkle with brown sugar, and you have finally lived.

We had beautiful weather for two days last week and then it vanished and left me with an empty deep sadness and now i'm holding a grudge with my sweaters. Also I donated blood and didn't pass out. yay! (I've never passed out I'm being a babby. But my least favorite part is squeezing the stress ball just a little too hard and feeling the needle move in my vein)

These farts and I went to sushi Saturday. Still not about the raw fish thing, but I like the shrimps. I also had a cucumber roll... which turned out to just be cucumbers. That was okay too. Going to continue to check out that veggie menu and maybe find a favorite real sushi (Because according to these farts shrimp and cucumber rolls don't count)


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  1. I was so close on packing my sweaters away and pulling my summer clothes out.

    I, too, am holding such a grudge.

    But we're back in the 20s and 30s. Luckily after this week it looks like we'll be warming up.

    I am trying to eat healthier too!
    Love the idea of knocking down burgers to a limit!
    I'm more of a hot dog fan and with my crave for spring, it's all I want. And homemade french fries.

    I love watching my husband play with my nieces/nephews.
    Something so endearing about it all.

    P.S. Still loving this red on you! So gorgeous!


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