13 March 2013

friends foreverr

Talk about forced love! This kitty hates getting her picture taken. She is currently avoiding me, still annoyed by this brief photo taking. My kissy face turned into more of a sexy pose so now this photo is kind of like a love story of my cat and I. yup.

Besides showing off kitty pictures, I am here for a brief little update. Last week I was offered a great and temporary job that pays tremendously. Great news! So the stipulation: This job is kind of a "do it as fast as you can in all of your free time and do nothing else" job. So i'm really going to have to buckle down and get the job finished before I can let lose here again. I only hope that  I will think of 24878324562385 ideas while devoting most of my time to that. Then I'll pour them out over here. I wont drop off completely! Just less so than I would like.

we can still be friends forever

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  1. Just found your blog. Wow this photos is sooo beautiful <3<3<3

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