09 March 2013

stars and stripes | An outfit post

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This is my new favorite shirt. I found her at my local thrift store last week. It had to be fate because just the day before I pinned a stars and stripes shirt that was very similar. see? fate. I've been drooling over stars and stripes since seeing some awesome(ly expensive) similar shorts last summer. Shortly following: stars and stripes shirts. I contemplated DIYS. I thought (only ever thought!) of splurging. I searched every thrift store, half heartedly I'll admit, never walking away satisfied. This beauty was something like $1. Which is why I must stand behind checking thrift stores and crossing your fingers before you spend crazy money on something. And with no luck, splurge! just this once.
Outside is poopy. We're in a weird in between place of warmish(barely) snow melting days and coldish water freezing nights. The snow is brown and mud is everywhere. But I can't help but smile for the good this is doing for the upcoming gardening season. Too dry for too long. Till the thawing ground and get your potatoes planted. And save me some veggies.

Top: Thrifted | Bottoms: Wet seal | Shoes: Target | Necklace: Forever 21



  1. That top is fabulous! I too have been lusting over Stars and Stripes related outfit pieces. I lived in London last spring, and it was so funny because they had American flag related clothing everywhere! So trendy. Haha. Thrifting is my favorite hobby :) Also, you have the most gorgeous hair. Have a beautiful day!

  2. That top is so cool! What a great find! Also, those jeans look AMAZING on you! :)



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