21 April 2013


And again, and with phenomenal timing, paramore released another album that is exactly what I needed to hear. It's all that I've listened to for over a week and I am more and more convinced that Hayley Williams is my best friend. I did a back flip when Brand New Eyes was released my freshman year, and used it as my number one tool to get over stupid boys. Now, as if on queue, Paramore arrives just before I graduate with lyrics holding my little girl hand. Growing up and moving on and leaving the people behind who don't matter. You think that's just coincidence! Paramore 4ever&ever.

I could seriously take a few hours of your day to ramble on about how cool Hayley Williams is. I mean she's REALLY cool. I would obsess over her fashion around age thirteen and [tried really hard to] copy it. That included a lot of hit and miss punky outfits that I pieced together from hot topic and rue 21 (that I sometimes pretend don't exist) and lyrics that nurtured Bad break ups (the friend kind) and anthems for my weirdo soul painted all over all of my shirts. I experimented heavy with make-up (sigh.) and wore my high top converse with every single outfit. Heavy Hayley influence. Today I still look at photos of her and try my hardest to put the right kind of punky into my outfits, I thought of her the entire time I debated dying my hair red, and now I respect her as one of the most inspiring women I know. She oozes girl power and makes me proud to be a lady errday.

The sounds are familiar and brand new and there are even a few ukelele medleys. It gets better each time around, so listen and listen. Favorites so far:Grow Up, Last Hope, One of Those Crazy Girls, and every single interlude.

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