23 June 2013

lady longboard

When I get really good that's what I'm going to call myself (Although it was so easy to come up with I'm sure there are actually Lady Longboard's out there.) After many day dreams with myself cruising easily down hills on a longboard I decided buy the board of my dreams. I can credit all of my curiosity and interest to Tomboy Style (Specifically posts like this, THIS) A little reading from Buenobueno, and this Meekakitty video. Soak all of that up and try to tell me that you don't want to ride yourself. Right now it doesn't really look that graceful, and it may not be as fun yet because I'm learning solo, but it will. And I will learn that going down a driveway isn't that scary. I have already learned that skating in a dress is no bueno (yes I had to learn that). I had a hole reveal my butt cheek just before these photos.

If you're in love like I am, treat yo'self.
Board: $122 on Amazon
Pads: $11 @ Walmarts
photos by Jeff.

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  1. Okay that looks fun and scary. And I can't believe you tried it in a dress. =)


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