16 August 2013


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There is no easy way to ease into a long and complicated post about why I'm leaving this blog. There is just jumping right into the scary news that I am leaving it behind. And also explaining that (if you haven't learned by now) I changed my mind nearly every other week, if not every other day. But the constant in this situation is the feeling that something is off. Something about this blog is not the way I want it to be. I started blogging when I was fifteen. And it's not that I am ashamed of my fifteen year old self or this blog I've created, It's just that I am... different. I want to go different places with this blog, and honestly, I haven't quite figured out just where. But I have finally realized, through a thousand different blog designs and post trials, that I need a new foundation to start from. A new place. A clean fresh new slate to build up. Because a solid foundation is necessary for any good structure, right? 

I am a toss up of relieved and incredibly disappointed. This is my creative outlet, a bit wobbly at times but it serves it's purpose. It let's me share what inspires me and connects me to other bloggers. And I love that. I love having my own space on the internets with my own contributions and my own thoughts.. but I've been doing it wrong. I've been doing it wrong and on a wobbly foundation. And that is why it also nags me. "Post something..." it whispers as I'm in the middle of a book or work. "You're a terrible blogger!" is says when I'm out of ideas and busy with other projects. I want it to flow easy. I want it to be fun again. I want a good idea of what my space is all about- the jumble of things is giving me a headache. So this is why this space is coming to an end.

I am afraid to give any solid date, afraid to share where this new blog will be hosted. I haven't figured all of that out just yet. I might stay here on blogger. Or I might move on to discover other platforms. I can't promise anything really. The very latest I would like to be up and running is the first of the new year. January of 2014. It all depends on school and work and what apartment owning will be like while balancing the two. And also on how soon I figure out just where I am going with this new place. I will spend this time reading and studying blogs, getting a feel of my own. I will continue (and improve on!!!!) commenting on my favorites and trying to reach out to my readers on their own blogs. I want to completely submerge myself back into the blog world, because frankly, I've nearly left it. But I will be back! I will be back and I will share all of the new here in case anyone is still waiting. And I'm not going to come back a completely different person- I wont go through an awkward "this is the way I am and that way is super hip or super gangsta" phase. It will still be me but hopefully a little more attentive.  

I thank every single one of you who is still reading. And everyone who has before. I loved reading all of your comments and finding your online spaces. It was so nice to know that even in my (extremely) inconsistent blog scheduling, there were still people who wanted to stick around. I hope you all will whenever I get my shits figured out. If you want to keep in touch, I'll still be on my other social media accounts. Feel free to follow me/friend me on any or all of them & say hello. 

Instagram: baileytann
Twitter: baileytann
Pinterest: beetlebailey
Tumblr: beet-le (I might use this more now to share photos and other junk that has no place now.)
You could even friend me on Facebook If you'd like (Bailey Tann). I'm trying to feel my way back into it now that my place to share is on holiday. 
Oh and don't forget my etsy shop! I'm going to stick around there for awhile.

*dr who spoiler if you haven't made it to season 3 because you're just jumping on the wagon like me. It's a good wagon to jump!!!*
I dedicate the next few months to Rose Tyler, because I'm only on season four of Dr. Who and I am still sad that she's in a parallel universe not traveling with the doctor. gaaaaaah somebody help me with this loss ! Also I apologize if i ruined that for you. You have every reason to be angry with me. I'm going to add a spoiler alert to avoid all of that. 

See you on the flip side

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  1. I think every long term blogger goes through this process once or twice. I was in your shoes and I deleted my blog and started over fresh. it was difficult at first but I am glad i did i because it made me enjoy blogging again.

    Good luck with everything and when you start your new blog why not try wordpress or a different platform? People have so many good things to say about wordpress! I wish I had switched platforms when I started my new blog!!

    Emmett - Hippie Lace


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