11 April 2011

Let's start here

...just ignore all the posts I have posted within the past month. I was 'transferring' from my other blog, as easy as blogger would let me (one by one).
Welcome to my work in progress, it's a little bare now, but I think it'll get cozy through time. I'm sure most of you reading this already know me, but if not, I'll lay a few things on the table of introductions.
I'm bailey (hi bailey), I am 16 and I spend my days in thrift stores, and finding new ways to craft my life away. That's what you'll see here, along with ideas, photos, and other random babbling. Feel free to say hello! I enjoy talking to other bloggers.
Let's get to it then, shall we?
Last weekend I got off my lazy butt and gave this shelf a home.

Where it now sits bright orange with all kinds of knick knacks upon it's shelves. I plan to paint the base of that fan sometime soon. I'm thinking an aqua-y green. Everything else on my shelves is a little temporary. But that's basically the case for everything in my room.
I think that's about all for post one. Enjoy my random shelf pictures to the right.

You can comment me on here, or email me at
baileytann@hotmail.com to get ahold of me.
Happy Monday everyone!

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