13 April 2011

We'll see how this goes | An Outfit Post

I usually only post outfit posts when i'm wearing thrifted clothes, so I can show that it is possible to make a cute outfit for under $20, but today is the day I break that rule. Might as well share all the outfits I love, rather than keep it strictly thrifty.
That being said, here is my outfit from today.
I love lacey things. The shirt is from Rue 21, the shorts from Gap, and the shoes from Salvation army. My local Rue 21 almost always has amazing clearance racks if you get to them in time. (right now is a good time to go for clearance sweaters, so I may do that soon) The shirt is actually lacey through out the middle, which I found lovely.
Cannot forget my lovely hair done by none other than the great braiding master, Shelby Miller. She can do anything.


  1. You always look so cute. And I love the lips mirror!

  2. i think your outfit is very cute, i love the shirt with the lace, and the hair "lovely"


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