25 May 2011

Fabric flags

Hello everyone. Today is suppose to be my last day of school, but I decided to stay home on this half day and start my summer early. So far so good. I got home yesterday and remembered the supplies I finally gathered to make this little fabric flag decoration. Before, I had a bunch of pictures around the entry way stuck on with sticky tack. After watching them fall off 73241342 times I ripped them off the walls.
I've seen this done in photos and on my tumblr, so I just took a shot at it. It's not too hard, obviously. I hope to inspire some of you who haven't seen this cute little idea yet. And I also know some people who have scraps of fabric they have yet to use, so here's a solution.
I just got some hemp from walmart ($5) and some fabric from my favorite thrift store. (All about $3.50) Those triangle shapes you see are cut fold at the top with an identical triangle on the other side. It's just a diamond folded in half.
After cutting everything out and figuring out my pattern, I hot glued it all together. Easy enough. And I love love love how it looks. I've also seen people do this and hang it right on a wall, which also looks neat.

Happy Summer!

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