09 May 2011

Mothers day and that sort of thing

Plays over! All those hours dedicated to painting and designing will now be dedicated to blogging. But I do have two projects due Friday, garage sale stake out Saturday, the Gala next Friday, a million Oreo Balls to make next Saturday, and Jeff's graduation that Sunday. Phew. If I don't blog frequently in this 2 week span, fear not! I will be a regular blogger during the summer. You'll get sick of me, I promise.
Sunday was Mother's day, of course. I finished up my present Friday night, and had my brother sit it out Saturday night.
After making my Lady Madonna quoted picture last year, I was excited to use the idea elsewhere. That one was much easier, with large capital letters. My X-acto knife can only do so much, or maybe I can only do so much with my X-acto. This 8x11 frame required tiny letters. Oh these days I wish I owned a cricket. I think a tutorial would be insulting, but if you have any questions, ask away!
Anyways, she loved it. But she's like every mom in the world who prefers made gifts over bought gifts. Good on my end.
I would have posted this earlier to inspire some gifts for some people who were a little idealess, but my mother is a frequent reader of this blog, and I can't get her to get off for a minute.
We-myself, my brother, my mother, and my nephew- headed down to Carrollton for TLC with my grams. And of course to get a beef burger from the burger bar. (If you are near Carrollton, please try one of these. So Tasty.) 

That's my grandma, she's the best ever. Next weekend I get to go up to Independence and see my other Grandma. I wont make any false promises of blogging again, but I will try! I'm thinking about starting something like 'Food Friday' or maybe 'Totally Baked Tuesday', anyone interested?
Have a lovely week. I'll just leave this photo here... Hope my mother doesn't mind.

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  1. i love the picture you make for your mom, and yes i am sure she loved it, those are very special presents, and your gram looks like she is very sweet lady, great picture of you two :)


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