25 October 2011

My DIY Romantic Star Projector kit

DIY is just short for "It's cheaper to send them all the parts to put it together themselves" when you're buying from China. Or maybe any kind of DIY kit. Anyways! My Star projector came in the mail last night! My mom and I spent a good thirty minutes getting it together. Then taking it apart, then putting it together. I didn't have enough time to get photos and blog about it last night, but after painting today I pulled out the tripod for some photos.
Don't know what I'm even talking about? I think I just assumed you all did. I guess it's self explanatory, but a photo could help, too.
See how awesome it is? I've barely kept the lights on since I got it. I even took a starry shower last night.
First off, I do recommend this starry beauty. It's only $22 at Infmetry. When I saw it I decided it needed a spot in my room and bought it immediately.

Things you should know:
- When shipping says 9-18 days, it MEANS 18 days. If your gifting keep that in mind.
- The directions are in Chinese. Luckily, pictures can (for the most part) help you through it.
- The shiny side goes on the OUTSIDE. ( Don't put it all together and have to take it all apart like I did)
- It's easier (although it doesn't look as clean) to put the tabs on the outside. When they're on the inside, their shadows can't be adjusted. (also, do this first time around)
- This thing has no bottom. All the wires and junk are fully exposed.
- You can battery power it, or use the adapter it comes with. It is brighter with the adapter.
- I haven't had it anywhere but my bedroom and other smaller rooms in my house, but It doesn't look like it will project on large rooms.

Don't let these things change your mind. Here are some pictures to make you fall in love.
I've spent my time picking out the constellations. (Or looking at the ones they've drawn out for me) So far I love it. If I come across any defects I'll update. Any other questions, just ask!


  1. I feel like you posted the "Things to Know" just for me, since you KNOW I'm getting one for me and Jesse after seeing these pictures.

  2. I thought of you the entire time. This is YOUR blog post.

  3. Your review was the reason why I decided to go ahead and order the product. I am at awe at how bright the projection looks in your pictures. I just assembled the Romantic Star Projector and it is nowhere near that brightness. How can I increase the brightness? The adapter sent to me is American and I live in Europe, therefore I cannot use it.

  4. Great review.

    I have a 16m2 dorm and i was wandering if that is the right size?
    And what about the adapter does it contain a US connector? I'm from The Netherlands so we have different wall sockets.


    1. It does contain a US connector, I'm not sure of the specifics beyond that. I wish I could be more helpful!

  5. It's been over a year since you got your Star Projector. Have you had any problems with it since then? Please give a good update! I need to know before I decide to buy it.

  6. Hi I need some urgent help on this. Do you think you can help with some questions?

    1. I haven't messed with this thing for ages but if i can help I'd be glad to. Email me! baileymtann@gmail.com

  7. Really big hit for my 5 year old!. May be this is cool for mood lighting at adult parties too.


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