20 October 2011

Better than thrifted

Last week I entered this giveaway over at Skunkboy Creatures. If you have ever entered these giveaways, you'll know the "Is it even possible to win one of these things?" feeling. To all of you skeptics, I am here to set the record straight: It is possible in the cutest way.
Katie wasn't lying when she said this necklace from My Sweet November is ADORABLE. It really is. I love it. I can't wait to wear it all over the place.
 Not to mention the sticker that made my day when I opened my package from My Sweet November. It makes me happy when I see people go out of there way to make a stranger smile.
 I now enter every giveaway offered. Thank you to Skunkboy Creatures and My Sweet November. You guys made my week.
You can find tons of pretty jewelry over at My Sweet November's Etsy shop.

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  1. Congratulations! It really is a beautiful piece :)


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