29 December 2011

Vintage Metal Tray display DIY

I've seen this idea all over the hundreds of blogs I read, but Rachel over at Smile and Wave made it look so dang pretty in her living room that I started hunting for metal trays myself. That was months ago and today was the day I finally came across the perfect set for $2. Then I was faced with the 'how do I hang this' dilemma that wasn't explained in pictures. I decided on super glue and this hanging clips.

If you don't have actual photo hanging supplies, but you have a billion of these little hooks laying around, we can improvise! Just bend the hook until it will lay flat (second picture) so it will have more surface to stick to the tray.
When you're gluing them to the tray, make sure they are as even as possible. Place each in the top two corners. Also make sure you keep both facing the same way. Glue everything that touches the tray! It also doesn't hurt to dab a little over the edges once you have it glued.
 And now have fun lining the two up even on the wall! It's important to have two so the magnets don't mess with the balance while it's hanging.
And there you have it. Cute display for photos? I will be rotating new Polaroid photos weekly.
Happy almost Friday!

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