09 February 2012

Heart Shaped Cupcakes

I pinned this idea on Pinterest a while ago and realized THIS is the perfect month to do it. (hearts, love, valentines, you know) I first want to point out that these cupcakes aren't perfect hearts. They're kind of lumpy pacmans that can pass for a heart. But once you ice them, it looks perfect.

- Your crap to make cupcakes
- Muffin tray

Yep. that's the key ingredient. Marbles. All you do is drop one on the side of a liner so it has a bit of a heart shape. Like so:
Bake and do all of your usual things, but when it's time to ice them, do it in a heart way. It makes all of the difference. Here I made Strawberry cupcakes with cloud frosting. Yummy.
It's so close to Friday I can taste it. I'm cravin some downtime.

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