07 June 2012

first summer picnic

Dropping by to say hey, the weather has been nice so I haven't been inside much.  Jeffrey and I went on our first picnic this summer with a friz and some turkey wraps. We found a secret spot in the shade that may be frequently visited this summer.
Last night I went to the drive in with my ladies and saw Snow White & the Huntsman. It was pretty good, albeit the sound situation wasn't ideal so I wouldn't mind going to see it in theaters a second time.
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Today is filled with iced coffee, and picking my favorite little nephew up. I haven't seen him in weeeks, so I'm excited. I'm always excited to see him.

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  1. You are the cutest thing, I swear!!!!

    I absolutely love picnics and iced coffee! What a wonderful way to spend a day!

    P.S. That frisbee shot is AMAZING! ;)


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