08 June 2012

week loves No.4

These week loves are a bad reminder of how fast time is going by. Every time I start another, I feel like I just finished the last. However I do love having these to look back on, and sharing them with all of you guys.
1\\ There is food on here every week. Honestly, I could fill this entire post with recipes I find throughout the week. These strawberry & cream biscuits and currently making me drool. Someone make me make these.
2\\ Aside from this woman herself, my goal for the last month or so is to grow my bangs out something like this. I've been trying to part them, but they're being stubborn and refuse to stay. Any tips?
3\\ "With out thinking too much" I've been reminding myself of this more than this past week. I think often I do think too hard about too many things, and in the end I'm only left frustrated or drained.
4\\ This guy and our picnics. I could get all lovey but I'll spare you guys. He's my best friend.
5\\ I want this I want this for my future garden. Some sort of homemade jungle gym? There was no explanation so I'm off to figure it out myself.
6\\ This picture, the water, the colors. & the act of swimming. If there was a pool in my backyard, I'd be having too much fun.
No off to get this nephew of mine some breakfast, he's suddenly starving.

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