09 June 2012

Iced Coffee secret

I'm back with the secret to saving $$ and not sacrificing your ice coffee goodness. Of course I'm not putting down this iced coffee, that stuff is my weakness. But if you get to the point where you want to drink a few iced coffees a day, this can save you a penny or two.

-Refrigerated brewed coffee
-Half & half (Or milk if you'd prefer, this just makes it creamier. Go crazy with cream, also)
- Torani FLAVORING(can you guess that this is the secret?)

Okay, it isn't that tricky. Obvious really. Flavoring syrup. I didn't know it existed, okay? Apparently it also comes in vanilla, and every other flavor in the world that you can think of. All you need is a splash on top of your coffee & half and half and your as good as... anything else you'd buy on the go.
I've also tried cold brewing coffee and although delicious, it takes a lot of coffee and a lot of time to get to drinkin. I still encourage everyone to try it! The flavors in that coffee were ridiculous. Chocolatey caramely in regular roast coffee, even. My next attempt will be with a cheaper coffee, I think.
That's all on iced coffee today. How do you prefer your coffee?

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