11 June 2012

photo weekend

A little late on this Monday. Almost twelve hours delayed. I decided last night that I wasn't going to rush myself home this morning to put this post together- I wanted to enjoy my Monday like it was my Sunday, since I worked yesterday. Yes everyday is a Sunday anymore but I like to assign it to a specific day. Here's a peek at the things going on around here.
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Saturday we took Lelan to Day Out With Thomas. I may have not mentioned before, but Lelan is Thomas's number one fan. After spending a few hours hopping on moon bounces, petting animals, and buying all the Thomas merch we could carry, we hopped on Thomas for a ride. A real life sized Thomas.
It was a long day filled with dusty gravel and children, but Lelan had a great time, and that's what counts. The rest of the days' photos can be found right here.
These other photos are a collection of the happenings before Thomas. Drive in, album art, walks with Lelan. All good things.

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