05 June 2012

Thumbing through photo albums

It started with my grandma handing me an envelope of photos on Sunday, and progressed to serious photo album searching and laughing and scanning all of these photos in. We'll start with this baby model butt shot of me. And then progress into the younger days of my family.
047 That hair is my Grandma Janice and that little baby is my Dad. She was stylin. If my hair was short enough, I'd do that with my hair everyday. 034 040
Above is my parents wedding day, obviously so. My two wonderful grandmas are on the left, and the love birds. Even though they don't look very thrilled, I'm guessing the sun was in their eyes. The photo of my mother below in her wedding dress is my favorite.043
These are just a few of the photos I dug out, and I'm still digging. Family, I'll be uploading them over here if you'd like to see them all. I need to make some stops at grandparents' houses to dig up more photos.


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