15 June 2012

week loves No.5

1\\ I loved taking these pictures of Celeste. I loved the process, the fails, how they turned out. I just love taking pictures. period. This set just shed a little light on things that can be done.
2\\ I have a jean shirt, and I have tons of scarves, and I have a sewing machine that needs to be put to work. This DIY looks easy enough, and awesome.
3\\ Johnny Depp in every form by Derek Eads. Enough Said. Check out his work.
4\\ Food love! Imagine that. Berries & Cream Cheese Monkey Bread looks dericious. On my list, maybe sooner than later. This weekend.
5\\ I can't help but be smitten with a phone that has capabilities I have never dreamed of. It definitely beats my old brick that fought with me just to send a text.
6\\ And lastly with that, let me just throw Prinstagram in your face. I bet you didn't see that coming, right? Yadda yadda Instagram is great and all, it's just the photos I get excited about. Printstagram let's you put all of your photos into a little book. A little tiny book. cute.

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  1. go for the monkey bread! it looks really delicicous, I may even try it by myself!


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