14 June 2012

Celeste No.3

I'm back with another set of photos of Celeste! If you're wondering where these others are, head over to this post to get a glimpse. Celeste is my guinea pig friend who let's me throw her around my yard every once in while for photos. Oddly enough I have done these for the past three years right around the same time. Our body clocks decide the same time every year.
This set feels different. I'm finally starting to get a feel for how I want things to look, and how I want to shoot. Improvement over a year is great! A year ago I wasn't experimenting much with filters and I shot everything on auto. This year I'm buzzing with color ideas and I shoot manually nearly always. It feels good to be in this place. I hope with every year comes new knowledge and growth.
Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Look at that pretty lady! She made this set what it is; thanks a million for letting me dress you up and convincing you that laying in the middle of the weeds was be the perfect photo. Check out the full set over here (there are several more!)

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