22 June 2012

week loves no.6

1\\ Let's start with food. I made these cornstarch soft chocolate chip cookies a few days ago. YUMOLA. Go for it. Serisously, go for it. My go to recipe now. That flavor is ridiculous.
2\\ A particularly stunning photo. A bit of an optical illusion. Let me lay in oceans like this.
3\\ Beyond the quote and the words I should keep in mind all the time, I found this titled 365 Days of Hand Lettering. Immediately sparking a "Hey, you should do that." This blog. Read it.
4\\ This DIY sharpie mug is setting off so many idea bombs in my head. Thrift stores have failed me and my collection is at a stand still. This may help.
5\\ Indoor greenhouse. I just want it.
6\\ This is giving me knowledge and hopefully skills to use these herbs correctly. There's an entire list beyonf Marjoram. I suggest you check it out. Beautiful and helpful.

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