28 February 2013

February closure

So daily challenges aren't really my thing. They're insane! But also not. Who can't make time each day to doodle a cat? This girl. I mean I probably have the time each day, I think the idea of doing it stresses me out. It makes it less fun. (I knew all of this already. I have to relearn everything) So in February I learned that I cannot handle daily challenges.

But in the same breathe, I'm ready to be on top on things. It's no secret that I am not a consistent blogger. I let things get in the way and get my priorities out of whack. This affects more than blogging. It touches everything creative in my life and nearly squeezes me dry. But I don't want to be dry. I want to shoot film and digital, dabble in watercolor, refine my graphic arts, strengthen my cinematography muscle, sew, blog, design, discover music, read books, EVERYTHING. I know the time is there, I just need to manage it. If I say this a lot, I apologize. I'm working it out.

My idea of my blog changed. It doesn't feel like an obligation anymore. I look forward to blogging. I crave sharing like I use to. Maybe mostly I'm ready to get this place up on its feet and running with the best of them. It deserves it.

New Look. Did you notice the new look around here? What do ya think? I'm extremely happy with it, but I'm not sure if I'll stop tinkering it. I felt like I was in a rut where my blog was a certain way because of the other blogs I saw. Don't get me wrong, I love love minimal, white, simple, beautiful designs but I wanted it to reflect me as well, (I'd say the giant photo of myself does that pretty well ;) and I just didn't feel it.

New URL. Invested in baileytann.com and I feel pretty profesh.

New Etsy. Opened an Etsy shop! Trying my hand at internet sales. Excited and anxious but mostly glad that I finally got myself to do it.

New Video. I'm refining an old... skill. Making short videos of my life as well as taking photos. As stressful as putting a video together is, there is nothing like it. And nothing like the feeling of watching your work in front of you, no matter how good or bad. Click here if you didn't catch it!


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  1. I really dig the new layout - it's fresh and more you, as in quirky!


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