28 February 2012

A charming loose braid how to

It's the braid that's charming, not me explain how to. Sorry for the let down. I'm going to do my very best to explain a braid my fingers discovered the other day. I think it'll be a lot of me trying to put my brain words into common sense. Stay with me here, because this braid is lovely. I'm not a master braider, either. I can only french braid on myself, and it's nothing to brag about. This just takes a little patience and loose fingers (what?) I'm trying to keep in mind that some don't know how to french braid, but I'm sorry if this is harder to understand! Oh by the way, this is my Friend Shelby Miller!

1\\ Grab a pony, and brush your hair smooth. Comb all of your hair back, or try to part it closer to the middle.
2\\ Grab your starting strands. One on each side and one right in the middle, all the same size. Don't grab a big clump of hair, only a layer or so. This is the technique you'll use through the braid, so I'll explain in more depth. Shelby had a hard time clearly showing all of them at once, so we took separate pictures.

3\\ Braid the strands two times loosely (over one, over again) and take another piece from the front of your hair, add it to your strand, and braid. Add a little with each strand. Like you would a french braid, but without taking back all of the hair. Take the outermost hair! It is important to KEEP IT LOOSE! This is what makes the pretty V shape.
Essentially, your braiding on top of all of your hair. You'll be able to pull it up as you go and see your hair underneath. The arrows are pointing to where you will grab hair all the way down. Unlike a french braid, you should be adding hair almost clear to the end of your braid. It's what gives it that loose, soft feeling. The back of your braid should be straight, unbraided hair nearly to the end.

And if your starting to question if this is really that different from a french braid, here is the visual:
I hope you can figure this out. Feel free to ask questions, I'll respond as soon as I can!


  1. nice braid, now I would like to have long hair... :)

  2. Ah, Thank you so much! You made my day. I'll have to click over there when I get off of work.

  3. Thank you Red. Maybe I could do this to your hair sometime ;)

  4. Thank you Lola!!! You are so sweet.

  5. Your blog is so so beautiful and I love every one of your posts! So... I have awarded you with the SevenxSeven blog award! Feel free to check it out on my blog!


  6. You are so talented young lady!!!

  7. bailey its beautiful!!!!!!!!! you are so talented


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